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Friday, June 14, 2024

BJP fearful of adverse public verdict: Omar

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Srinagar, May 03: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President on Friday questioned the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) why it had not fielded candidates from Kashmir despite claiming to have put J&K on the path of development following the abrogation of Article 370.
Addressing a public gathering in Batwara, Omar said the BJP did not field candidates from three seats in the Valley as it knows where it stands.
Omar said, “They say Kashmir witnessed prosperity after abrogation of Article 370. But we are a helpless community. We lost young ones in the boat tragedy in Gandbal, just because the bridge there was incomplete. We have been out of power since 2014, so why blame us? Who is responsible for the tragedy? It is the person who sought your votes in 2019 on the pretext of ushering in development in your area. Had he proactively worked for the completion of the bridge, the mishap could have been averted. The same person is coming to you now wearing another gown. It is up to you now if you entertain him or reject him.”
Lashing out at the BJP, he said the party in power at the Centre snatched away J&K’s identity and land rights. “It did not open colleges, universities or schools. It opened liquor shops. It is forcing youngsters into drug addiction. What development are they talking about? It has been ten years since the Batwara-Lasjan bridge proposal was given a nod by the NC government, why wasn’t there any headway on the project for ten years? Where is the development, they are referring to? We didn’t see any healthcare centre, any school or bridge being built in Batwara or elsewhere in Srinagar city,” he said.
Later in the day, Abdullah addressed a series of election meetings in Khan Sahib, Khrimshal Budgam.

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