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Baloch man with 54 children, six wives dies of heart attack

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Abdul Majeed Mengal, who was known for having fathered 54 children, breathed his last in Noshki, Balochistan. Noshki is located 130 km west of Quetta, the southwestern city of Pakistan, media reported.

According to reports, 75-year-old Mengal died of a heart attack. Mengal had married six times and he outlived two of his wives. Four are still alive. According to Pakistani media, Mengal was transferred to the district headquarters hospital Noshki for treatment. However, he died before reaching the hospital.

Twelve of Haji Abdul Majeed Mengal’s 54 children died from starvation. He has 42 living children as of now. Twenty-two of Abdul Majeed’s children are girls and twenty-two are boys. The largest family and its head, Abdul Majeed Mengal, came into the limelight when the national census began in 2017.

The size of Mengal’s family caught the attention of the census workers who were left baffled. He had expressed a desire to father 100 children. In Quetta earlier, Jan Muhammad was the father of 36 kids and was believed to have the largest family till Mengal’s family came into notice.

Abdul Majeed Mengal was a truck driver by profession. He married his first wife when he was only 18 years old and later married five other women. Talking to Pakistan’s ARY channel, he once said, “I worked hard and gave good education to my elder sons. But now I am old, these things are out of my hands.”

Mengal struggled to manage his finances all his life and remained needy for most of it. He had earlier said that being short of money, he could not afford milk to feed all his children, leading to some of them dying of malnutrition.

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