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Political dynasties produced nothing but corruption, death & destruction in J&K: Bukhari

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Srinagar, Apr 03: Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Friday said that traditional political parties, particularly those rooted in family dynasties, have contributed “nothing except corruption, deaths and destruction” over the years. He compared these political families to barren and thorny trees for the people, emphasising the need for their uprooting.
Bukhari made these comments while addressing a public rally at Upper Balhama in Srinagar. He asserted that these parties have damaged the interests of the people in Jammu and Kashmir to the core over the years and decades.
He said, “In 1947, the then-leader of the NC acceded with the country without taking the people’s views into consideration. For this, he was awarded government to rule J&K by New Delhi. However, just a few years later, after being removed from power, he began advocating the slogan of ‘Raishumari’, thereby misleading people through this emotionally charged and provocative rhetoric. More than two decades later, when offered government again, he happily buried this so-called movement and entered into an agreement, called the Indira-Abdullah accord, with New Delhi. Subsequently, his son did the Rajeev-Farooq accord to keep himself in the good books of New Delhi. This party and its leadership have always been concerned about attaining and remaining in power. In their pursuit of power, they even allowed New Delhi to hollow out Article 370.”
Bukhari added, “To remain in power and accumulate riches for themselves and their families, the leaders of the NC kept people busy with emotional slogans like ‘Raishumar’ and ‘Autonomy’. Similarly, the PDP kept people occupied with slogans like ‘Self-rule’, aiming to fortify its family rule here.”
The Apni Party President urged people to free themselves from the “clutches” of political dynasties that have been “deceiving” them for years and decades. “These parties are like thorny and fruitless trees, and they need to be uprooted,” he said.
He appealed to people to vote for the party’s candidate, Mohammad Ashraf Mir, in the Lok Sabha elections in Srinagar. He said, “I urge you to vote for a brighter future. We are committed to ensuring peace, prosperity, and development in Jammu and Kashmir. Unlike traditional parties, we will not deceive you with misleading narratives and emotional slogans. We will not disappoint you. This election is your chance to send a message that you desire change for a better and brighter future. Reject these traditional parties by using the power of your vote.”

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