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Parra accuses Altaf Bukhari of being ‘Delhi’s man in Kashmir’

‘His job is to arbitrarily detain young boys and release them next day’

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Srinagar, May 03: People’s Democratic Party Youth President and Parliament Candidate for Srinagar constituency, Waheed Rehman Parra on Friday said that Apni Party President Altaf Bukhari is “Delhi’s man in Kashmir, who dances on the directives of his masters”.
“His (Bukhari’s) job is to arbitrarily detain young boys, blacken their lives and release them the next day,” Parra alleged while addressing a public meeting in central Kashmir’s Budgam district.
“He daily harasses Jamaat-e-Islami workers, pressuring them for votes. This is the essence and existence of his politics and business. Where did he accumulate immense wealth of 10 thousand crore rupees? The people of Kashmir will hold him accountable for every single rupee.”
Parra said that Bukhari will cease to exist after the parliamentary election. “I spent three years in jail for charges that were never proven against me, yet he remains free even after the recovery of RDX and arms from his vehicle,” he alleged. “People are well aware of how he threatens Jamaat Islami workers daily to coerce votes from them through pressure tactics and blackmailing.”
The PDP leader further said, “While I, along with hundreds of my party workers, were detained for more than two years, he was lying to European delegations and presenting a false image and narrative of Kashmir. People will hold him accountable for his actions.”
“Through pressure, raids, and intimidation, he split and fractured our party. Around 50 leaders left our party. When Mehbooba Mufti ji categorically declined to form an alliance with the BJP, who went to Nagpur? Who went to Delhi with 20 MLAs? Who destabilised the government and who worked against the interests of Kashmiris? It was none other than Altaf Bukhari,” he added.
Waheed continued, “I know Altaf Bukhari is feeling the heat due to the support, love and affection that PDP is receiving across the Kashmir valley. All those people—whom he is paying lakhs of rupees daily? I am aware that they will still vote for our party because of PDP and our party president, because she vigorously represented the aspirations of the people of Kashmir, from Kashmir to Delhi for the past 5 years.”
Parra asserted that people should think about and make a difference in who is the best choice for them, their children and future generations. “They should vote at large in this election for the people who will roar in parliament, not those like Altaf Bukhari, who sold his religion, soul, and conscience. People should differentiate which leader will mentor and guide them and their children, those who sold us out, like Altaf Bukhari, or those who fight on the streets, like Mehbooba Ji,” he said.
Parra accused Altaf Bukhari of destroying our agriculture sector by selling fraudulent, fake and illegal pesticides and fungicides. “He (Bukhari) is supplying the spurious pesticides and is known for his duplicity. He has not only ditched and backstabbed Mehbooba Ji but also backstabbed Mufti Sahab, who nurtured and brought him into politics,” he said.
Addressing public meetings in various areas of Budgam, Parra said, “You will see in a month where the PDP stands and where Altaf Bukhari will be. I am confident that PDP will receive a decisive mandate in the coming election, and the results will surprise everyone.”

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