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The life of musician from District Ganderbal subdivision kangan lone adfar

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The way to demonstrate your skill . singing is an art of trouble many person concern it as a profession and many for fun but music is a rivalry of life
Many singers face troubles distractions difficulties in their music career let’s take an example of a singer namely Mohammed sami-ullah lone son of Late Gh Mohammed lone
He is a resident of district Ganderbal sub district kangan akhal he is born 1994 in kangan Ganderbal .At the age 4yrs he starts his education in a primary school
After one year at age of 5yrs the shadow of father arose. During course of time his mother brought him up and give those sources to his son that he needs in his literary . some how in 2014 he completes his course of b.A in Degree College Ganderbal. Meanwhile in 2015 his mother suddenly died and he also arose the shadow of mother he again faced troubles distractions and difficulties in his life but during this time he was very fond of singing since childhood. But due to these obstacles in his life he can’t do such a thing where shows in talent . sincerely the the art of singing doesn’t left him he starts his singing career in YouTube portal . Nowadays he has channel and he live his life very much good people knows him nowadays as Lone After
In this example we learnt that if we have the talent we have to express it and the art doesn’t left us.

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