Monday, May 27, 2024

Vivek Bali visited Nanga Panchayat Ramgarh Samba

Samba: Vivek Bali State Secretary JDU along with Raj Kumar Constituency vice President R S Pura , Rahul Mandi youth President R S Pura, Tahir Majid, Nittin Bhat visited Nanga Panchayat Ramgarh Samba.

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The Nanga Panchayat is facing worst ever power crisis for the past few years while the people from the Nanga panchayat Ramgarh have been forced to face the brunt of about unscheduled power cuts during these scorching hot summer days.

One of the members from the panchayat told to Vivek Bali that “I can’t recall the last time when we had to do without electricity for seven days in a row. Power intervals are so brief that washing machines can’t complete their runs. Even the battery of a mobile phone doesn’t get fully charged when it is plugged in for the whole night. It is a pathetic situation,”
The promise of 24×7 electricity supply with the Smart Metering has been dashed to the ground as the areas where these meters have been stalled, are also facing the same crisis in panchayat. The situation has gone from bad to worse with in just few years as the UT Administration has failed to manage the crisis and provide some relief to the consumers. Bali appealed to LG to solve this problems on priority.

Many people expressed their will to join the party and some of the prominent leaders who have joined are Jarnail Singh, Baljeet Singh, Jatinder Singh, Sukhdeev singh, Jagdeep Singh, Gurmeet Singh, Kallu, Punit Singh, Sahil Kumar, Lucky kumar, Anku Sharma, punkit

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