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Misuse of domestic violence act

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Domestic violence laws are frequently used to harass the spouse or any other family member claiming under him, ensuring that he caves to the unlawful demands of the so-called victim rather than vice versa. Unfortunately, there have been a number of examples where Section 498A has been utilised primarily as a tool for blackmailing. It is often abused as a weapon for exacting retribution on whole families because under this clause, police can arrest anybody named as a tormentor in a married woman’s complaint, as ‘cruelty’ in marriages has been declared a non-bailable offence. Following that, bail under such circumstances is refused as a basic right.


As a result, many times, elderly parents and other relatives are wrongly accused of physically and emotionally tormenting the so-called victim, producing unnecessary tension that may result in bad health for the elderly parents and physical and mental pain for the accused’s family members.The protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 (DV Act) was enacted to protect women from violence and not to harass the spouse or aggravate marital dischord.

written by iram bhat

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