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Thursday, June 13, 2024

YSS Ganderbal organizes Environmental Awareness rallies

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GANDERBAL, JUNE 10: In a proactive stride towards nurturing environmental consciousness, the Youth Services and Sports Department (YSS) Ganderbal orchestrated a series of impactful rallies within educational precincts across Zone Tullamulla.

Timed strategically before the onset of Environmental Week 2024, these rallies aimed to instill a profound sense of duty towards safeguarding our ecosystem among the burgeoning youth populace.

Approximately 300 students, representing a harmonious blend of both genders, fervently participated in these rallies, their voices resounding with impassioned slogans advocating for the preservation of our environment.

As they traversed the expanse of Zone Tullamulla, their unified outcry underscored the exigency of fortifying our planet’s resilience for posterity.

The laudable initiative elicited admiration from all quarters, elucidating the pivotal role of disseminating awareness regarding the pernicious repercussions of environmental degradation.

It accentuates the collective obligation incumbent upon us to steer towards a sustainable trajectory for the generations to come.

Concomitantly, the fervor for sports continued to thrive unabated in Ganderbal, epitomized by the fervent engagement witnessed in the ongoing inter-school zonal level competitions. Zone Tullamulla bore witness to an exhilarating intramural cricket spectacle at MS Waskura, wherein budding athletes fervently vied for selection, showcasing their mettle and determination.

Meanwhile, Zone Kangan orchestrated rigorous selection trials for girls under 17 and under 19 categories in football at the zonal office in Kijpara.

Similarly, Zone Ganderbal played host to selection trials of Handball for boys under 19 at GCOPE Gadoora, attracting an enthusiastic cohort of participants hailing from disparate corners of the zone.

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