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Monday, June 24, 2024

Be Cautious About EVMs on Poll Day: Farooq Abdullah To Voters

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SRINAGAR: National Conference President Farooq Abdullah on Monday urged people to remain cautious of the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) when they come to vote on polling day.

According to him, there is a risk that votes intended for one party may be registered for another.

Addressing a rally here, the NC patriarch recounted how a friend from Karnataka shared a video showing his experience inside a polling booth. Even while pressing the EVM, there was neither a response nor any light emanating from the machine.

It is very much possible that the officers would use those votes for some other party. Therefore, I urge you all to stay cautious and not to leave the polling booth before properly verifying whether the machine is in working condition and whether the green light is illuminated on its top. If you do not see any light, ask the polling staff to rectify it. Do not leave the booth until you hear the sound and see the light. We must remain vigilant. The present time is one of tough ordeals,” Farooq said.

The NC President further alleged that democratic institutions are being constantly eroded and that Election Commission members are now being handpicked by the government itself.

“Earlier, the Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India, and leader of the Opposition selected ECI members. Now the Chief Justice has been replaced by a minister of the Modi cabinet. Imagine what will happen if they (NDA) manage to secure a brute majority,” Farooq said in his address.

He alleged that surveys are being conducted in Kashmir, asking for details of households and proof of residency. “The second phase will require us to present proof that we belong here. To them, we are all infiltrators. Therefore, people must vote in these elections to foil such ploys,” Farooq said.(KNO)

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