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Friday, June 21, 2024

PDP committed to youth empowerment: Parra

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Srinagar, Apr 27: Highlighting the party’s unwavering dedication to youth empowerment and employment generation, Waheed ur Rehman Parra, the Srinagar Central Kashmir parliamentary candidate for J&KPDP, reiterated the significance of the summer capital, Srinagar, for the party. He said Srinagar holds political, cultural, and strategic importance, making it a focal point for the party’s initiatives.

Addressing a well-attended workers’ meeting in Allochi Bagh, Srinagar, Parra said the party’s agenda will prioritise initiatives aimed at youth empowerment. These initiatives include skill development programs, support for entrepreneurship, and educational reforms designed to engage and empower the youth population effectively, he said.
The PDP leader underscored Srinagar’s rich cultural heritage, which includes its unique Kashmiri language, cuisine, and handicrafts. He pledged that the party would vigorously advocate for policies aimed at preserving and promoting Kashmiri culture. This advocacy, according to Parra, is crucial to ensure that Kashmiri culture thrives amidst the forces of modernisation and globalisation.

The meeting, organised by Adil Amin, witnessed active participation from party workers and supporters, reflecting the shared commitment towards realising the party’s vision for youth empowerment and cultural preservation, the party said.

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