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Friday, June 14, 2024

Grid-connectivity to Gurez restored fully; DC Bandipora Commends the team

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BANDIPORA, APRIL 28: The grid-connected electricity supply to Gurez has been successfully restored today, with the 33KV line now charged up to Dawar Gurez after disruptions caused by recent heavy snowfall in the Razdan and Zadkhusi areas.

The restoration of the 33KV Bandipora-Gurez line, completed up to Dawar, comes after severe weather conditions affected electricity supply through the grid in the area. During the disruption period, Gurez received electricity through diesel generators.

Despite facing significant challenges due to heavy snowfall and adverse weather conditions, a dedicated team of 20 personnel from KPDCL and STD Ganderbal/Bandipora undertook the task of retrieving the submerged line, buried under approximately 10 feet of snow at Razdan, and successfully re-erected and replaced 15 damaged HT poles in the tough stretch from Zadkhusi to Koragbal. This concerted effort led to the swift restoration of grid-connected electricity to Gurez.

Executive Engineer STD Ganderbal, Lenin Kumar, informed that the 33KV Gurez-Bandipora line has been successfully charged up to Dawar today, following recent disruptions due to heavy snowfall.

Deputy Commissioner Bandipora, Shakeel Ul Rehman, commended the efforts of KPDCL and STD Ganderbal/Bandipora, highlighting the untiring efforts of field teams and coordinated teamwork despite facing harsh weather conditions.

It is noteworthy that District Administration, Bandipora took up the issue on a mission mode, conducting several meetings with concerned stakeholders and assigning senior officers including ADDC, ADC & SDM Gurez to monitor and assist field efforts on a daily basis to ensure the earliest restoration of electricity to Gurez.

The successful restoration within the stipulated timeline marks a significant milestone, considering the challenging terrain that the transmission line traverses through, including the Razdan Pass, situated at an altitude of 12,672 feet above sea level, and the treacherous Zadkhusi stretch on the Bandipora-Gurez Road.

The grid-connected electricity to Gurez has fulfilled a long-awaited demand of the local population and provides a significant relief to residents, hoteliers, restaurants, etc. It shall go a long way to further boost tourism-related activities in the border region, where electricity was previously provided through diesel generators with limited load capacity for only 5-7 hours during the night.

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