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Friday, June 14, 2024

Attempts being made to tear apart India’s communal fabric: Mehbooba

Says PDP part of INDIA alliance, supports Rahul Gandhi

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Srinagar, Apr 23: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) President Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday claimed that attempts are being made to once again tear apart India’s communal fabric and that the slogans of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) crossing the 400 mark are proving hollow with each passing day.
Addressing the media persons in Anantnag district, she accused the BJP of destroying the social fabric of the majority Hindu community itself by radicalising and criminalising its youth for the lust of power.
“BJP-NDA knows the results will be in favour of the INDIA alliance, and the youth of the country have understood the gimmicks of the saffron brigade. Youth want an end to inflation and massive unemployment. They (BJP) are busy sowing the seeds of discord and creating new fault lines. People must remain cautious and not allow the divisive elements to succeed in their nefarious agendas,” she said.
Mufti added that it is extremely condemnable that the BJP rakes up nonsensical issues like ‘Mangalsutra’ and creates fear psychosis that Congress will give everything to Muslims.
“For 50 years, Congress has ruled the country. One may ask the BJP how many properties were taken away from Hindus and given to Muslims in five decades. In fact, all major institutions of the country were built by the Congress,” she said.
The former chief minister said that India reached the moon and scanned new horizons – and this all happened during the Congress rule. BJP, on the other hand, instead of providing jobs and bringing down the lethal inflation, is instigating the youth and pitting them against each other so that it could garland the killers and tear apart the country’s secular fabric, she said.
She added, “We have seen the plight of the women wrestlers in the country and how the accused is sitting in the BJP’s lap, how Ram Rahim Singh who raped Hindu girls is seeking votes for the BJP.”
Mufti said the PDP is part of the INDIA alliance and supports Rahul Gandhi. “Rahul is fighting for the safeguard of the country’s constitution, for people’s dignity and their rights, for the protection of democratic institutions. We Support Rahul Gandhi and the INDIA alliance out of conviction, not dependent on their reciprocity. His courage in fighting hate with a message of love and inclusiveness is commendable,” she said
Mehbooba said that the ongoing polls in Jammu and Kashmir hold crucial importance as they are not being fought for mere roads and drains but for the far greater cause – for dignity and restoration of lost rights.
“I feel empowered when I see people in such huge numbers coming out for my support. People have understood that they need a strong voice in the parliament. There is suffocation engulfing us all. We need to get rid of this. It’s not an issue between any parties within J&K but the issues for us are with BJP who are our common oppressors. We won’t be cowed down or silenced,” she said. “Civil liberties and restoration of our constitutional rights, finding a solution to the larger issue of Kashmir has been our focus and with the public endorsement in these elections we can bring forth to the country the realities of post-2019 J&K.”

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