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Addressing the Rising Drug Abuse Crisis in Kashmir

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The growing menace of drug addiction in Kashmir has begun to impact us all in one way or another. Kashmir, known to the world for its beauty and the hospitality of its people, is witnessing a decline reminiscent of a path from which returning will be immensely difficult for us all if we do not address it with seriousness and concern. It is the responsibility of those living within society to halt the spread of emerging evils. However, when we observe the burgeoning epidemic of drug abuse within Kashmir, we find ourselves silently witnessing spectacles that could bring destruction and devastation upon us all in the future.

According to a survey conducted by the BBC in 2022, more than a hundred thousand people in Kashmir, especially in the vicinity of Srinagar, are entangled in the web of drug addiction. Shockingly, among them, over seventy thousand individuals are ensnared in the grip of heroin, a substance notorious for its destructive nature. Similarly, a government report presented in the parliament revealed that the number of drug abusers in Jammu and Kashmir stands at nearly one million, constituting around eight percent of the entire population. If this percentage continues to rise unchecked, the day is not far when we, along with our children, might also fall victim to this scourge.

It is imperative that we take concerted measures to combat this epidemic. The steps we need to take must be collective, involving all members of society, and we must compel those in positions of authority to declare war against this epidemic. Otherwise, this scourge will devour us all.

A few days ago, a tragic incident in Rafiabad, Sopore, shook us all when a son, in a state of drug-induced delirium, brutally murdered his own mother. Such incidents are not isolated; they are becoming increasingly frequent, serving as grim reminders of the dire situation we face.

As everyone knows, Kashmir has endured three decades of relentless conflict, causing immeasurable loss of life and property. It is a reality born out of a treacherous struggle and conspiracy. Fuelled by this conflict, the drug trade was imposed upon Kashmiri youth, and it was only through the sacrifices of our security forces and the relentless efforts of the Kashmir police that it was partially contained. Today, peace prevails in Kashmir, and tourists from all over the world are flocking to its beautiful valleys and picturesque locales without fear or apprehension.

To maintain this peace, the central government has introduced measures aimed at further stabilizing the region. Among these measures, the appointment of Mr. Swain as the new DGP of Kashmir, along with his dedicated team, has been significant. They are tasked with eradicating the drug mafia that has infiltrated Kashmir, with an estimated turnover exceeding ₹12000 crores, much of which is derived from middle-class families.

It is worth mentioning here the stringent drug laws enforced by various countries around the world, which serve as a deterrent to drug abuse. Countries like Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Iran, and Thailand have severe penalties, including death, for drug-related offenses. Similarly, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Indonesia have strict laws against drug trafficking, with punishments ranging from imprisonment to execution.

In India, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has been at the forefront of the fight against drug abuse. The NCB, in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, has initiated a special campaign for the destruction of seized drugs. Additionally, the Narcotics Coordination Centre (NCORD) was established to facilitate effective coordination among various ministries, departments, and law enforcement agencies dealing with narcotics. This multi-tiered approach, involving apex-level committees down to district-level committees, ensures a comprehensive strategy to tackle the drug menace.

The people of Kashmir fervently desire to see their homeland free from the clutches of drug abuse. To achieve this goal, we must utilize all available resources and power to enact strict laws against drug peddlers and ensure mandatory rehabilitation for drug addicts. Exposing the drug mafia and prosecuting them under anti-terrorism laws will help cleanse our society from this vile menace.

In conclusion, the rising drug abuse crisis in Kashmir demands urgent and concerted action from all stakeholders. It is a threat not only to individual lives but also to the fabric of society and the future of our youth. By implementing stringent laws, enhancing enforcement mechanisms, and promoting awareness campaigns, we can safeguard our beloved Kashmir from the scourge of drug addiction and pave the way for a brighter, drug-free future.

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