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Sopore athlete Adil Bahadur appointed as District Secretary for Taekwondo Association Baramulla

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Sopore, Mar 21 (KS) : The young Sopore athlete, who has already made district Baramulla proud by winning gold medals at the international and national levels, has been appointed as the District Secretary of the Taekwondo Association Kashmir Division.

According to an order, a copy of which is with News Agency Kashmir Scroll, The Taekwondo Association of Jammu and Kashmir (TAJK) is pleased to appoint you as the designated authority for spreading Taekwondo in the entire Baramulla district of the union territory of J&K.

The members have been assigned their respective roles as follows:

President – Moin Hameed

District Secretary – Adil Bahadur

Treasurer – Hafiz Bin Hameed.

We trust that you will conduct yourself in accordance with the rules and regulations of the India Taekwondo (IT).

The affiliation is valid until March 31, 2025. This provisional status may be extended based on your performance and adherence to the rules and regulations governing India Taekwondo (IT).

The association wishes you the best of luck in your responsibilities, the order copy reads.

Speaking to the News Agency Kashmir Scroll, Adil Bahdur said that it’s a proud moment for him to serve his district and help budding and future stars of his district.

Adil said that he would be happy to help and guide athletes for their bright and successful careers.

He assured athletes in Baramulla district that they do not need to worry now, as he will provide them with every possible support for their successful and bright future.

In a message to the youth, Adil said that it’s time to come forward and make a successful career, and more importantly, to stay away from illegal activities and other social evils.

Adil emphasized the importance of parents taking care of their children and channelizing them towards sports activities, especially in light of the increase in drug menace.

Pertinently, Adil has represented Kashmir at the international and national levels, where he has won gold medals in Taekwondo.

Adil is a certificate holder and has always been actively engaging youth in sports-related activities.(KS)

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