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Friday, June 21, 2024

Sunil Sethi chairs key BJP meeting

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SRINAGAR: BJP Media Relations Department under the stewardship of Chief Spokesperson and Media Relationship Department Incharge, Sunil Sethi, along with Sahil Aggarwal, Altaf Thakur, and Pramokh Seth convened a crucial meeting at the party headquarters here today.

The meeting was aimed at strategizing and charting out the blueprint for an effective media campaign for the upcoming Parliamentary Election 2024. The gathering was attended by key members of the media relations department, including the Co-incharge, along with various other distinguished party officials. The discussions held during the meeting were extensive and focused on devising comprehensive strategies to effectively communicate the party’s vision, achievements, and future plans to the electorate of Jammu and Kashmir.

Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi emphasized the importance of leveraging various media platforms to disseminate the party’s message effectively. He stressed the need for a proactive approach in engaging with the media to ensure that the BJP’s narrative reaches every corner of the region.

Several innovative ideas were proposed during the meeting, including the utilization of social media, print media, electronic media, and interactive sessions with journalists to amplify the party’s outreach efforts. Additionally, the importance of highlighting the developmental initiatives undertaken by the BJP-led government at both the central and state levels was underscored.

Furthermore, the meeting saw a detailed discussion on tailoring the media campaign to address the specific concerns and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The aim is to foster a deeper connection with the electorate by addressing their issues and showcasing the BJP’s commitment to their welfare.

In his closing remarks, Sunil Sethi expressed confidence in the capabilities of the media relations team and urged them to work cohesively towards achieving the shared objective of ensuring a resounding victory for the BJP in the upcoming Parliamentary Election.

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