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Monday, June 24, 2024

Swami Priyam’s Visit To Chakloo, Baramulla Marks Triumph In Public Outreach, Social Reformation

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In a remarkable stride towards fostering community engagement and addressing pressing social issues, Swami Priyam Jii, Chief Patron of Youth Civil Society Kashmir, undertook a transformative visit to Chakloo, Baramulla, as part of his dynamic public outreach program.

The event witnessed an overwhelming response from local residents who seized the opportunity to interact with the revered spiritual leader.

Public Outreach and Success of the Programme

Swami Priyam Jii’s visit to Chakloo proved to be a resounding success, as he engaged with the local community on crucial issues plaguing the region. The primary focus of the program encompassed discussions on the menace of drugs, the specter of terrorism, and various other pertinent social topics. The attendees actively participated, sharing their concerns and seeking guidance from Swami Priyam Jii.

Message of Abstinence from Vice

During the program, Swami Priyam Jii passionately implored the public to distance themselves from destructive influences, particularly drugs and terrorism. His words resonated with the audience, emphasizing the importance of fostering a harmonious society by steering clear of such detrimental elements.

Praising PM Modi and Policy Discourse

Inaddition to addressing social issues, Swami Priyam Jii extended praise to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his relentless dedication to the betterment of Kashmir and India as a whole. The spiritual leader discussed various policies and schemes initiated by PM Modi, enlightening the audience on how they could avail themselves of these opportunities for their benefit.

Transformation of Chakloo Post Article 370 Abrogation

Swami Priyam Jii drew attention to the significant transformation witnessed in Chakloo, Baramulla, post the abrogation of Article 370. He highlighted the remarkable shift from the region being considered a ‘mini Pakistan’ to a space where a Hindu religious leader could visit in broad daylight, attracting a substantial crowd. The spiritual leader acknowledged the positive change and assured the people that their grievances would be conveyed to the administration.

Commitment to Addressing Concerns

Swami Priyam Jii, true to his role as Chief Patron of Youth Civil Society Kashmir, assured the attendees that their concerns would be actively addressed. He pledged to discuss the issues raised during the program with the local administration, working towards collaborative solutions for the betterment of the community.

The visit of Swami Priyam Jii to Chakloo, Baramulla, not only symbolized a triumph in public outreach but also served as a beacon of hope for positive change and social reformation in the region.

As the Chief Patron of Youth Civil Society Kashmir, Swami Priyam Jii continues to be an influential force in fostering unity, understanding, and progress in the diverse landscape of Kashmir.

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