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Meet Aslam, a Srinagar coppersmith whose innovations infuse new life to dying art

‘Making anything which benefits people gives me peace of mind’

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Srinagar, Nov 17 : A well-known coppersmith’s innovations has infused a new life to the dying art as he hasn’t kept copperware confined with utensils only.

Muhammad Aslam Bhat, from KK Mohalla Shamaswari, Srinagar has given new life to this dying art by making innovative things with different designs.

Bhat while talking to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), said that his parents and even grandparents were associated with this craft and it was his passion to make innovative things and from an early age he started working at their workshop.

“I have faced many difficulties which everyone faces in any field but earning anything with hard-work always makes you feel happy,” he said. “Despite working for decades, I am still passionate about making new things that are going to benefit the public”.

He said: “The new things in this craft which I have made so far include motifs of shrines, lamp shades, table lamps and traditional utensils like Majma, handi and other things,” he said. “When I see the new things which I have made are giving any benefit to the public gives me a peace of mind and ignites my passion to make more such things”.

Earlier there was no government support but now the government has started organising awareness programmes to keep this art alive which is a very welcome step, he said.

“Authorities had told me that registration is very hectic, however, when they saw my work, they provided me registration in just five minutes,” he added. “I am now being invited by the government in Kashmir and other parts of India to make people understand about it and even students are sent here for practical work who are interested in this craft.”

Bhat said that as the unemployment rate is increasing with each passing day, youth can easily establish their business in any craft and with the help of social media, they can sell pure products easily and not only earn livelihood for themselves but create opportunities for others as well—(KNO)

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