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Make heating system functional in hospitals across Kashmir: Patients, Attendants urge Govt

Heating systems to be made functional from 15 November, says Official

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Srinagar, Nov 12 : Amid low temperature, the patients as well as attendants have urged authorities to make heating systems of all hospitals across Kashmir functional especially during night hours.

Several attendants as well as patients while talking to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), said that hos­pital authorities even in tertiary care hospitals don’t operate Heating System in the hospitals as a result they shiver in present harsh chilly conditions.

They said that during night hours, patients as well as attendants are shivering in hospitals, so the government must direct concerned officials to operate heating systems.

“It is very difficult to stay in hospitals main in night due to cold conditions as heating systems haven’t made functional yet,” said a patient, admitted in GMC associated hospital

He said that as of now the government should have made the heating system functional and keep them operational for a few hours during night hours.

Bashir Ahmad, an attendant with a patient at SMHS Srinagar said the authorities have not started the heating system yet.

He said that the government must take cognizance of the issue and there are chances that patients can catch cold in these circumstances.

Patients and attendants have requested authorities to start central heating systems in all hospital immediately so that they won’t suffer anymore.

A senior health official told KNO that there is a norm the heating systems in hospitals are being made functional from 15 November.

Before that the Mechanical Engineering Department concerned with the Central Heating system in hospitals test the heating systems, he said, adding that health systems will be made operational from 15th November—(KNO)

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