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Meet Ruqaya Jamshed: A teacher who writes to educate people about Sufism, Iqbaliyat & Mysticism*

 A teacher from Kashmir division is extensively researching and writing on Sufism and Iqbaliyat and has recently compiled her first book.

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Born and brought up district Srinagar, Ruqaya Jamshed earned MPhil in Geography and Regional Development in 1996 from University of Kashmir.

Born to educated parents, Ruqaya says that she followed the footsteps of her father who inspired her a lot with his impressive expertise in Sufism and Persian literature.

Ruqaya did her schooling from Srinagar and started to develop interest in writing from her early school days. “Two of my poems got published in a school magazine when I was all new to writing” She says.

Ruqaya said that interest makes anything possible, the constant efforts ammend us continuously and same did work well for her in her journey to compile a research work on Sufism.

Ruqaya has written a book ‘Soch Kral On The Point Of Singularity’ published by Wular Publishing House, addressing the audience that the basic understanding of religion treads a way for one to unroll Sufism through a lens of modern science.

Ruqaya mentions that as a working lady, compiling a research work was more than an cakewalk for her.

“Being a working lady it was hard to find time for writing but my family was very supportive” She said.

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