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Meet 23 year Old Qurat Shah Author from Srinagar

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Srinagar : Meet 23 years old Qurat shah who is now author of two books and a co-author of several anthologies.

Qurat shah is from HMT area of central kashmirs srinagar district. Apart from her writing career, she is persuing bachelor’s degree in law from university of Kashmir. Her book namely ‘SINCE 90’s’ got published lately.

While interacting with Qurat shah, she said that it’s her second book which has been published. She has written her first book last year with the name of ‘Garden of pain’.

‘I love writing as it’s righly said that “paper has more patience than people”, she said.
” I believe that words are the most powerful weapon that one can have”, she added.
She doesn’t write for fame or publicity but she writes for contentment of her soul.

The book since 90’s is a collection of 6 fictional short stories based on real experiences, that encapsulate the agony, and angst faced by the Kashmiri people. This book will help you to get an idea of havoc going on in Kashmir for seven decades.

“I’ve tried to keep the book short and language friendly so that not only the book readers but anybody can give it a read, ” she said.

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