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Meet the YouTuber who has added Kashmiri flavour to entertainment

Sensing a need to create source of entertainment with a local flavour, a 29-year old Mudasir Farooq has come up with a YouTube channel 'Koshur Kalakar', meaning Kashmiri Innovators.

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Mudasir, a multimedia professional, who hails from Sopore town, has become a household name for every Kashmiri as there is a selective source of entertainment in Kashmir

He has been winning the hearts of people through his entertaining and inspiring videos on various social media platforms particularly through his YouTube channel Koshur Kalakar.

The popularity of his YouTube channel ‘Koshur Kalakar’ surged so much that today he has lakhs of followers and subscribers on his various social media platforms.

“We try to keep all aspects and sensitivity of society in mind before shooting videos so that it may not hurt anyone’s sentiment,” says Mudasir Farooq.

He says that they try to create a space for the people to escape from harsh realities of life. “The only aim is to wipe the tears of our people. Nothing is unachievable in this world and no obstacle can stop a person from realising his dreams if one is determined and works hard towards the goal,” he said.

Mudasir is basically a project manager at a US based company – Pixopal, a leading photo retouching-as-a-service platform and making videos on YouTube is just his hobby.

“I still don’t take it as a career. To me this is a hobby and I’ll try to continue it that way. But if a bigger platform hires you, then one can think of making it as a profession,” he said.

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