Monday, May 27, 2024

Police & Beacon make the road motorable

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Karnah 02 March : Owing to fall of a big tree on the road at Morhi blocking the road in the process but by dent of police party headed by SHO Karnah Mudasir Ahmed very promptly reached the spot & got the blockage cleared with the aid of Beacon personal.

Stranded passengers did take a sigh of relief while seeing the blockage from the road got cleared & made it through for the vehicular movement.

Stranded passengers have hailed the efforts of Police party headed by daring SHO Karnah Mudasir Ahmed.

On time rescue operation has made the lives of Children, Women & old aged people safe.

SHO Karnah Mudasir Ahmed is one of the most dedicated & works very honestly to take a lead in such situations if any eventuality happens to take place.

Forest team had also played a part in the whole scenario that emerged after the fall of huge tree.

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