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Hoteliers Club resent notice by GDA Seek LG’s intervention

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Srinagar, Feb 28: Jammu and Kashmir Hoteliers Club (JKHC) has taken strong note of the notice issued to the hoteliers by Gulmarg Development Authority (GDA) seeking tariff details charged from the visitors from the beginning of this year.

In a statement, Chairman JKHC Mushtaq Ahmed Chaya said the hoteliers are charging genuine tariff as per the hill resort standards and as per facilities provided.

Chaya said the tourism industry especially hospitality sector received repeated set backs for past three years and the current season has been phenominal due to the efforts of the stakeholders and the tourism department.
“We have been bearing the losses for past three years due to Aug 19 decision and the subsequent Covid pandamic. However as the tourism has bounced back , the government has started issuing the notices which is unfortunate,” said Chaya.

The Jammu and Kashmir Hoteliers Club further urged the administration to give hoteliers enough time to furnish details.
“The order asking the hoteliers for tariff details should be put on hold till April month as all the hoteliers are currently busy with promotions also. The authorities should not harass the stakeholders at a time when tourism is picking up,” he said.

Chaya appealed to the LG Administration to intervene so that hoteliers can put all their energies into attracting tourists to the Valley.
“We assure the administration that hotel tariffs are genuine as per the standard. We will also furnish all the details as required but it should be put on hold till April,” he said.

Secretary General Tariq Rashid Ghani said the Hoteliers Club will hold an emergent meeting at Gulmarg to discuss the issue.

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