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Futuristic Budget to place India on the top of the world: Dr. Jitendra Singh

Budget focuses on holistic development, tapping unexplored potential using technology: Dr. Jitendra Singh

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This Budget is a Futuristic Budget which will place India on the top of the world and focuses on holistic development, tapping unexplored potential using technology, said Dr. Jitendra Singh.

Union MoS Dr Jitendra Singh in presence of J&K BJP President Sh. Ravinder Raina, BJP NEM Smt. Priya Sethi, Spokesperson Adv. Abhinav Sharma and other leaders was addressing a press conference at Party Headquarter, Trikuta Nagar Jammu.

Dr. Jitendra Singh in his address said that every Budget presented by Modi government till now has taken this Nation forward. He said that this budget is of the next decade as understood by the world and this is also of next 25 years from year 2022 to 2047 when India would have already assumed the front line role. For this we have to be ready for assuming the leadership role. He said that this Budget aims to the use of unexplored sectors like chemical free farming, using drone Shakti for Start ups, sustainability of Start-ups, roads construction, increase in Capex. He also said that Earth science has been allocated major budget. He said that Indda is unique Nation with an Ocean named after it and hence to tap the unexplored opportunities, we have started a deep sea mission now along with the space missions.

Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the Modi government’s Budget is a vision document which has inbuilt mechanism for economic liberalization. The budget presented is responsive, dynamic and forward looking, he said.

Dr. Jitendra Singh focused on the innovative start-ups by the youth giving example of Drone formation on 73rd Beating Retreat ceremony by the enthusiastic youth. He praised them for their competitiveness and perseverance. He said that India has become the 4th Nation by beating now the trade inquires are being sought by them.

This is going to economy of ideas, innovation and technology, he said and focused on the job generating capacity of the present Budget and said that this Budget is not only of Economist but of a Statesman with a vision of future development.

Dr. Jitendra Singh said that this budget has abundant job creation avenues in itself. new roads are being developed, highways constructed. Opportunities are much more in this budget than in government sector in every sector like in farming and other. He said that in Modi ji’s leadership India has emerged as the global leader. Now the world is ready to be led by India but now we have to be ready to lead the world.
This budget in next 25 years will place India as Vishav Neta, Vishav Murti Vishav Guru under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said.
In response to questions by media, He said that Pakistan since 1947 cannot digest the fact that J&K is part of India that’s why it resorts to dirty tactics, but India will not be intimidated by this. He said that Modi government is focusing on the modernization and the quality education and everybody just should do to focus on the reforms for a better education instead of playing politics within it. He said that Union government focuses on doing away with the corruption generating processes in government jobs. He said that more Tourist places are being developed or properly renovated in J&K like renovated Mantalai, Mansar etc.


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