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Cyber Police Kashmir questions dozens for sharing acid victim’s photos

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At least a dozen people were questioned by Cyber Police Kashmir on Friday for allegedly sharing the Srinagar acid victim’s photos on social media sites.

An official of Cyber Police said that these people were called for enquiring why they shared Srinagar acid victims pictures on social media handles.

The official said “majority of those summoned for questioning were minors.”

He said they were all released after proper counselling by the Cyber Police officials.

Earlier, Cyber Police appealed to people to refrain from sharing the acid victim’s photo on social media platforms.

In the appeal, police also said those who will be found sharing the sufferers’ images will be taken to task.

The Cyber Police officer reiterated its appeal to people, saying not to share such content on their social media sites especially these sensitive pictures or the victim’s name and address.

The officer said that there are also Supereme Court guidelines that no person can print or publish the victim in print, electronic, social media, etc.

The name of the victim, or even in a remote manner, discloses any facts which can lead to the victim’s being identified and which should make her identity known to the public at large.

Pertinently, scores of people were sharing the pictures of the Srinagar acid victim who was attacked by her “ex-fiance” on Tuesday evening in the Wantpora area when she was returning home from work.

The 24-year-old girl is currently being treated at SMHS Srinagar, where she is battling for her life.

The attack on the 24-year-old girl sparked widespread public outrage, and several political parties, students, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and social activists took to the streets in solidarity with the victim, demanding capital punishment to the accused.

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