Tuesday, May 21, 2024

JK SC/ST /OBC Corporation employees working with out salary from last six months

The employees of SC/ST/OBC corporation are working without salary from last 6 months and MD have shown no concern towards them.

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The employees told that they have families to feed and department is forcing them for starvation. The MD telling them that Chairman have not given approval for salary of employees. The employees are harassws unnecessarily by MD as till now their salary haven’t been streamlined. The employees told that they have taken loan from banks and have to pay the EMIs and due to non release of salary all the system halted. The employees demanded that their salary must be streamlined and all their pending arrear must be released at par with other employees as they have old age parents need medical care. Due to non release of salary no only employees but whole family is suffering and going through depression. They appeals before LG JK UTto direct concerned to release all their pending salary and DA installment so that they can also meet out their requirements as they are suffering badly.

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